Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wedding dress - WWYD?

A girl wants to buy my wedding dress, today! Should I do it? Will I miss having it? WWYD?


Natalie said...

Scary!! I have no idea what to do with mine. A friend suggested making a baby blessing dress out of it -- and even that scared me.

Yet -- I don't take care of it, it's still covered in sand from the wedding.

CB said...

eek. I seriously got a panic attack thinking about selling my dress and it wasn't even that expensive! Question: whats worth more? the money or the sentimental value of the dress? Go with your gut.

Tessa said...

If it was me I would do it, but I definitely agree that you have to go with your gut. I'm thinking Isabelle will want to buy her own dress, so I saved my veil just in case. I wore it, I trashed it, now I'm good with letting it go to a good home ;)

Let us know what you decide!!

zebe912 said...

I couldn't do it. I remember playing dress up with my mom's dress and trying on both of my grandmothers' before my wedding. I want my daughters and/or neices to have the same experience. I just want to have it to look at too...so sparkly. Besides, I still have another TTD to do in mine!

How much can you get for it, and how badly do you need the money? What's the likelihood you'll ever wear it again otherwise or be able to sell it later on?

Alanna said...

I sold mine a few weeks after the wedding. I had no attachment to it...we had NO space in our house for it, I would never be wearing it again, my religion doesn't call for baby baptismal robes, and really, there was no reason to keep it. Plus, I got to see it again on one of my favorite knottie friends! :)

If you feel like you would be sad to let it go, you might want to keep it. If not, go for it! :) I'm with Clara...go with your gut!

Mary said...

is the amount of money going to change your life? is it, like, enough for a second honeymoon....OR is it just going to pay the bills? Also, is this girl in LOVE with the dress? could she otherwise not have a great dress and you would be helping her fullfill her dreams? if you can have a hand in someone else's celebration of what is supposed to be their greatest day....well, that's pretty cool. otherwise, for what it's worth, my dress is in a closet at my parents house probably turning yellow....and i agree with the veil thing tessa said...I wore my moms.