Monday, January 5, 2009

TWD: French Pear Tart - AKA the day my taste buds danced

I hope you are wearing your Tuesday best, dear reader. We have company today. ::whispering:: You know, the fancy kind. ::clearing throat:: Now, go wash your face and put on a skirt. Dorie's in town!

Yes, Ms. Bakey McBakerson herself chose this week's recipe and leave it her to pick a gosh darn winner and one that is perfect to serve to company. You can find the full recipe on her site or in her amazing book, Baking From My Home to Yours.
This week, TWD celebrates one year of baked fresh weekly goodies. I joined on Feb 19 and have been getting my bake on ever since!
::TWD high five, ya'll::
This week's recipe, French Pear Tart, seemed pretty overwhelming at first glance: a crumby crust filled with fresh almond cream topped with poached fruit and baked until golden bubbly?! Whoa.

Then I remembered that I've made the crust before as well as the cream. The only new thing was poaching the pears which if I totally bombed, I could pretend I never tried and go with canned instead. Well, no fake-outs needed here. I poached those babies and they were delicious!
Poaching pears

The recipe did take a bit of time but hey, what are holiday weekends for? Between the tarts and the amazing tacos I made, I think I spent about 8 hours in the kitchen on Sunday. Well, it was all totally worth it!

I didn't have the right size tart pan so I used mini tart pans instead. I made four and had a bit of dough left over. I should have had some cream left over but I spooned it all in and the pans overflowed onto the baking sheet a bit. Oh well! I suppose that's why Dorie suggested using it. She is such a smartie.

After I made the crusts and cream and poached the pears, I was ready to assemble. I couldn't decide what design to make with my pears so I varied it on all four tarts. Like I mentioned above, the pans bubbled over but that part just came right off and no one was the wiser.

The final result was that the tarts all looked cute and the one I ate was really tasty - not too sweet, just a bit nutty, perfectly poached (if I do say so myself) and delicious!

I will most definitely make this one again. Now, head over to the TWD site, click the links and show my fellow bakers some appreciation. (They could use a foot rub, too!)

This week's song is T A R T (L-O-V-E) by Nat King Cole

T is for the way you taste to me
A is for the almond cream I need
R is really, really extraordinary
T is totally more than any tart that you've adored
treats are all that I can give to you
tarts are more than just dessert for two
tart in tummies (yum!) can make it
burn my tart and I'll hog the blankets!
tarts were made for me and you


n.o.e said...

Ha, ha, Rachel, LOVE the song! This was an amazing dessert, and perfect for company.

Anonymous said...

Your tartlets look gorgeous! I like pear design #1.

dorie said...

What a fun post and I'm with you on the look of your tarts: they're cute -- really cute!

CB said...

Bahahaha. Best tart song ever. You really have a gift girl. Love all your tartlet pear variations. I'll take all 4 please... What did B think?
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

chocolatechic said...

Oh, this is so cute.

Gorgeous tarts.

HoneyB said...

Yup, this tart could make me sing too! ;)

kim said...

your tarts are so cute! i like all of your designs. glad the poaching worked well :)

Amy said...

They look great! Great post!


Flourchild said...

Cute song and lovely tart. I really loved this recipe too. Im glad you enjoyed it!

Madam Chow said...

Yes, it was a wonderful, wonderful dessert! My husband has told me that he wants me to make it a lot. I don't think he plans on sharing it with the neighbors!

Babette said...

Song is too cute. Love the tarts.

Leslie said...

I love the overflowing look of the almond cream! I think that looks so inviting. I'm glad you liked this one.

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

You are hilarious!

You did a fabulous job!

Anne said...

I love the song and those little tarts look perfect! Great job poaching them, too!

Anonymous said...

Let the record reflect that blankets were indeed hogged, even though the tart was not burned.

Lillian said...

Variety is the spice of life -- I like #3 the best!

Jacque said...

Cute tarts! I'll bet with tarts you got a higher ratio of the yummy chewy part of the almond cream (at the edges).

Nicely done!

Jacque said...

LOL, I meant "mini tarts".... duh!

AmyRuth said...

Well, we old geezers love Nat King Cole.....L-O-V-E your Tart song. So cute. I guess some younguns can like him too. Seriously cute, Rachel. So glad you had a great dias in the cuccina. Your tartlets are really great and I enjoyed reading your darling post. Miss Bakerson?

BAKE-EN said...

So cute. I love the tartlets.