Friday, February 29, 2008

Foodie Blogroll.

See that little apple on my page? It's down a bit on the right... Got it? Good - in that little box, you'll find a good list of amazing foodies with blogs to read and drool over. If you found me through the foodie blogroll, please give me a "hollla" here and if not, take a minute to check out my fellow foodies. Feel free to join so you can make all kinds of new foodie friends. You know you want to!


BBKiddo said...

I'm not foodie enough to qualify for the foodie blogroll ;(
Maybe I'll just make my own blog roll. I will call it: random crap I fee like talking about or cooking blog roll
hehe jk. good for you girl. Now you're like a professional or something

CB said...

w00t! you're part of the cool kids now. ;)

Rachel said...

BB - You should make your own blogroll of randomness. I hope you'd let me join. :D

CB - Yay! Thanks for letting sit at your lunch table.