Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long week!

I am very fortunate to work a 9/80 schedule. That means I work 80 hours in 9 workdays, rather than 10. It means a slightly longer workday with the benefit of every other Friday off. This week is a 5 day week and it feels a little like 15. I've had several lengthy meetings this week and while sometimes I find meetings energizing, they've been a bit draining this week. Also, we have a big event at work on Monday in which I am involved and there have been several last minute things pop up to take care of, nothing major (like a ruined wedding dress 3 weeks before a wedding) but still slightly pesky.

While I'm talking about work....why do people hate Mondays? I personally think that Tuesday is a much worse day to deal with. Besides Tuesdays with Dorie, my favorite blog event, Tuesdays have pretty much nothing awesome to offer me. I'm not as refreshed and rested as I was on Monday, I probably have a frillion things to do, and I'm not even to hump day yet! The next time someone is cranky, I'm going to ask them if they have a case of the Tuesdays. Seriously, the terrible Tuesdays. Yeah, I like the sound of that.

But today is Wednesday and I like Wednesday. It's a nice friendly day. It has a name, Hump Day. I love most anything with its own clever name (double entrendre not required though definitely appreciated). I think Wednesday deserves a song. Monday has one and Friday has many. I think I'll put "Write a song about Weds" on my to-do list. Too bad I have zero musical skills.

Thursday is a day really after my heart. Sometimes, it's my "Friday", sometimes it's not. I usually have meetings on Thursday mornings but I like them. They are usually challenging and informative so that's good. Besides, Thursday night is awesome TV night. I get to watch the Office, My Name is Earl, Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, and others. Pretty much every prime time show I like airs on Thursday, except PR which is a Wednesday night staple (must use that as fuel for my song) Of course, I never have time to watch all these shows on Thursday but thank goodness for modern technology so I can record them and watch at my leisure.

Oh, how I love Fridays! The Fridays that I work are shorter, 8 instead of 9 hours and I get to dress down a bit. The days I don't work, I get to sleep in and run all the errands I don't have time to do during the week. I get a haircut or do whatever. Love it. But, I won't say much else about Fridays. It's all been said before and well I really want a snack right now.

Have a happy hump day, ya'll!.


CB said...

I ♥ Rachel randomness! You should have a segment about Rachel Randomness every Wednesday so you (and your readers) have something to look forward to. I am SO fierce! I look forward to "hearing" your ode to hump day soon...

BBKiddo said...

I concure with the Wed Randomness blog idea. oh and I love the Office!

Why do you lie liar!!!

Alanna said...

I <3 Thursdays. I am happy that today is Thursday...though I would much rather it be Friday. Even though there are no TV shows that I watch on air right now, we still always end up doing fun things on Thursday nights, because I don't give a sh*t about Fridays. I don't consider it a real workday. LOL

Natalie said...

I totally concur about the Tuesday thing. Hubs and I always talk about it -- how it is a stupid day and no one agrees with us. I'm glad you do!!

Rachel said...

CB - I am so glad you love my randomness, because sometimes, that's all I got. I am one random fool.

BB - LOL! You, my dear are the queen of random. ::dangling shiny object::

ALANNA - Agreed! Friday is "Weekend, Jr." to me.

NATALIE - You are wise beyond your years. I've known this for some time but just now felt the urge to share it with, especially now that you've shared your disdained for Terrible Tuesday with me. Thank you. Really. Thank you kindly.

Tiff said...

I'm right there with you. I've always hated Tuesdays. Mondays aren't so bad, it's the Tuesdays that really suck. You know that you're into the week with no end in sight at that point.

Rachel said...

TIFF - Hi! I'm glad you "get it" about the Terrible Tuesday. Glad to know I'm not alone out there. :)