Friday, February 1, 2008

It's all about me!

Here's the follow up post to my first 50 things about me. Since blogging is a supreme form of narcisism, I figure I'll go ahead and knock out the next 50 for my fans - all three of them. Sorry Mom, you don't count as a fan. :)

1. My favorite color is green.
2. I also like orange.
3. As a child I would eat all the green candies when offered a choice of many colors.
4. The only type of M&M I like is peanut.
5. My favorite candy is Starburst
6. I try not to eat candy.
7. I often fail.
8. I love to drink Diet Coke
9. I also like Diet Dr. Pepper
10. I’m not a fan of coffee
11. I prefer Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to Starbucks.
12. I think they are only in CA, though.
13. I’ve lived in CA for 5 years
14. I’ve been with my current employer since then, as well.
15. I vested in my retirement system on Monday
16. Also as of Monday, I now accrue 3 weeks of vacation per year.
17. That made me do a funny dance.
18. I like to do funny dances.
19. I have naturally wavy hair.
20. I find it to be really annoying most days .
21. It takes 12 minutes to blow dry.
22. You can tell when I've overslept; that's when my hair looks wavy.
23. I snooze my alarm at least twice per day.
24. I'd snooze it 20 if I could.
25. I am not a morning person.
26. I am a night owl.
27. I love reading, especially at night.
28. I got grounded from reading as a kid.
29. I also got grounded from Punky Brewster.
30. I love 80's TV shows.
31. Even more so, I love game shows.
31. Bob Baker is my hero.
32. Pat Sajak ain't bad either.
33. I think Trebek is kind of a jerk.
34. I am really good at charades.
35. I love to play board games, too.
36. I'm cut throat at Monopoly.
37. I have a reputation for cheating at games.
38. I do NOT cheat.
39.I'm a horrible singer.
40. I still belt out songs when I get in the mood.
41. I am a car dancer.
42. I make that white person "I'm bad" face when I dance.
43. My dancing is all booty.
44. It can also involve finger "guns".
45. I am really flexible.
46. I am not athletic.
47. I've never played a sport competitively.
48. I should have been a gymnast. (see #45)
49. I'm an economic developer.
50. I'm happy.


CB said...

Excuse me? Are you calling me a narcissist? Ok I am. haha.
#10- ditto
#36- I suck. But pictionary is a different story!
#42- omg! T totally does this! Its gotta be a white thang. LOL

Rachel said...

CB - We should play Cranium. You draw, I act it out. Perfect!
To T - ::honkey high five::

CB said...

omg. we would rock as cranium running mates!

zebe912 said...

Have you heard that green M&Ms are supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Seems a little nutso to me. I prefer our local shops over Starbucks too. 25-27 are me too! What did you think of the show "I Love the 80s"?

BBKiddo said...

Okay jealous of 16 and 21. I only get two weeks at this new gig :( and It takes me closer to 20 minutes to dry my hair. I am down for a Cranium GTG! I do hit snooze close to 20 times a day. I set my alarm super early just so I can do this. Yes I'm wierd. And all you dancing comments made me totally LOL because I can 100% picture it. Go ghetto booty white girls!

Alanna said...

I totally love Cranium...I own it, but we never have enough people to play. So, when are we having game night?

And...we HAVE to go dancing soon. I also am pretty good with the booty, and my faces are superb. We would definitely steal the spotlight on the dance floor. Woop woop!

Naturally wavy hair is a curse...I gave up blow drying mine because I ALWAYS oversleep. The snooze button is my best friend.

Alanna said...

I am a white girl with a black girl booty. I keep telling M he needs to appreciate my badunkadunk.