Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eggscellent Tuesday night

On the way home from meeting my pals CB and Alanna for dinner last night I get a call.

Hubs: Are you almost home?
Me: Yes, I’m on [our street].
Hubs: Good, I’m coming downstairs. There are still four Easter Eggs out there.
Me: Okaaaay?

I hung up and immediately thought, “My husband has lost his mind.”

It turns out that hubs been reading a
neighborhood blog hosted by a local artists. Apparently, the blogger and friends hosted an Easter Egg hunt where egg finders log in the eggs they find which then unlocks pieces of a puzzle. Pretty cool, right? I guess he’d mentioned the hunt to me over the weekend but I was busy with work, school, baking etc and thought nothing of it. It must be nice to have a two week spring break and time for such frivolity.

Anyway, we went searching last night at 9:00 pm for the last four eggs and we found them all! Meet the four (plus three hubs found on Sunday).

Rocker - found hanging at the local record shop

Smokie - found hanging at the "Sevie". Guess he needed more Parliaments.

Eyeball Spider - found trying to buy surf gear. Too bad the shop closed 3 years ago!

Cloudy - Hanging by the shops and catching a breather on the fence post.

Stripey Blue - Found relaxing in a planter on Grand.

Psychedelic - Chilling with the Magicians (those that hang in planters, at least).

Googly - Found mutilated near the bank. Poor guy's innards were down the street!

So cool! I am now obsessed with Carlsbad Crawl and can’t wait for next year’s egg hunt. YAY!

Side note: Notice my eggs are poised on a shot glass. Yeah, I'm too hard core for egg cups.


CB said...

How fun is that! I think rocker and googly are the cutest! :) Can I come egg hunting with you next year?

Rachel said...

Those are my faves, too!! Yes, come down for eggy time, CB!

Nikki57 said...

That is soo fun!

BBKiddo said...

Those eggs are too funny! said...

I am glad you enjoyed our project and thanks for the write up and pictures. More pictures to come of the decorating night at the ARTpartment and of each individual egg!

Thanks again and...keep those eyes open!


Andrea said...

Those are awesome! I love that idea. I especially enjoy the psychadelic one! I'm jealous of your dinner with CB and Alanna!!

Rachel said...

ANDREA - I'm jealous of your Chi trip will all the ladies!

countrygirl said...

How fun, I wish people in my neighborhood would do stuff like that!

Chelsea Nicole said...

How fun!! :) Amazing that you guys went looking around 9pm and found them all - wasn't it super dark out? I can just see you too walking around with flashlights looking for eggs, lol.

I love the last egg - so creative!

Rachel said...

COUNTRYGIRL - Maybe you'll have to start a new tradition.

CHELS! Babe, how are you? Thanks for the comment!