Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lunch Bunch

Hubs is a teacher. A while ago he told me about a student that came in late to the class that directly follows lunch. The kid said he was sorry and that lunch bunch ran late. Hubs replied “if you are going to be late, at least bring me something to eat!” So the next week, hubs was invited to be a special guest of the lunch bunch. Since then, he’s missed only a few Thursdays.

The group is mostly middle school boys with varying abilities and they have come to enjoy having hubs visit, cook and eat lunch with them. Since hubs tells me about lunch bunch each week, I get to hear about the food they eat (from Ramen to cinnamon rolls) and the questions the kids ask. They ask him about me sometimes so I said I wanted to go and meet them. Hubs asked at school and I got the go ahead to come visit, as long as I brought some cookies for dessert. No prob!

Today was my visit to lunch bunch. When I got there, the boys all stared at me with their eyes wide open. Hubs announced me and they just stared. I was introduced to the teachers and helpers and everyone got busy serving up this week’s menu: baked potatoes! It seems that whoever picks the item for next week comes in before lunch to help the teachers prepare the food. This week’s helper did a fab job of washing the potatoes, wrapping them in foil and putting them in the convection oven. Man, they were yummy!

We had toppings galore! There were normal potato fixin’s - butter, sour cream, chives, shredded cheese, as we well chili, broccoli and melted cheese, even pepperoni! I have to say it was a pretty dang good potato! We also drank juice boxes and munched on the store bought cookies I brought (no home baked goods allowed).
The kids were pretty quiet. They didn’t say much to me but that was OK. They probably thought I was like a unicorn, something that existed only in different world. They never imagined that hubs has a real life with a real wife. Thank god none of them asked about our sex life. (This happened to another teacher I know!)

Maybe I’ll get to go to Lunch Bunch again sometime. That would awesome. Maybe they’d let me help the kids cook. I would LOVE that!

I think it is awesome that hubs school offers lunch bunch. I think it’s even more awesome that he goes so often. I could see the admiration in those boys’ eyes as he chatted with them. I am so proud of my hubs. Man, he’s the best ever. Seriously.

No pics. I didn't think I should take pics of other people's kids!


BBKiddo said...

That sounds so cool!

Nikki57 said...

Um ok I'm still confused about what lunch brunch is. Is it just regular lunch or is it something different? It sounds like a good time with those yummy potatoes, but I admit I'm lost

April said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I'm with Nikki - tell me more about what this is. So freaking cute!

Rachel said...

I was being a bit vague on purpose but I guess it doesn't make sense so I'll elaborate. It's a group of special needs kids that get together with teachers to learn to cook. They love hubs so they invite him to go each week. I finally got to meet them! :)

countrygirl said...

That is such an awesome program, when I become a teacher, if my school doesn't have a program like that I will try to start one. Thanks for the inspiration! Your husband must be an awesome teacher.

CB said...

aawww.. you got yourself a keeper. B obviously has a great heart. :)