Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wife's Bill of Rights?

During my obligatory Internet surfing, I found this. I think it's a pretty good start for a wife's bill of rights, but I've got some additions.

Here goes:

  1. We have the right to 85% of all closet space. We have more stuff because we like to look cute AND we know you like it when we look cute. Besides, if you kept your drawers organized, you'd have more room. Just saying...

  2. We have the right to ask to fish for compliments. Sometimes we just need an ego stroke. So if we ask if our outfit is cute, say, "Yes, you look amazing!" I'm sure you can relate, you big strong hero sex god, you.

    (Side note: Do not lie and say we look cute when there is something noticeably wrong; e.g. quad boob, food in teeth, or if our pants are so tight they could split at any moment.)

  3. We have the right to watch mindless television. You know how you need a mind break and easy entertainment? (Hello, does anyone understand watching baseball, golf, or poker on TV?!) That's how we feel about America's Next Top Model. Yes, it's dumb. Yes, we've seen this one. Yes, we do want a beer, thanks for asking.

Any additions, ladies?


Rebecca said...

We have the right to order and/or serve convenience food.

While we love nothing more than inventing new and exciting meals every day–and we really do care about what you eat–sometimes we want to do something besides tapping into our womanly psychic aura to guess what you'd love for dinner. What's for supper tonight? Baby, it's DiGiorno.

April said...

HA! This is fantastic. :)I especially like the mindless TV one - T can't understand why I watch some of my "guilty pleasure" shows. :)

BBKiddo said...

We have the right to cry for no apparent reason. You are aloud to ask us what's wrong, in fact this is required, but if we insist on being left alone GO AWAY. Maybe we don't feel like telling you that a stupid TV commercial brought tears to our eyes, or maybe we just felt like a good cry. Trust us, if it's something that needs to be discussed, it will be :)

Jamie said...

I definitely read these yesterday on MSN...did you catch the husband's bill of rights? Pretty good on both sides. However, I refrained from showing these to my hubby.

Engineer Baker said...

We have the right to serve vegetables at meals, because one cannot live on meat and potatoes alone. That's one that I'm trying to pre-train the boyfriend on, so I'll let you know how well that works :-P

Clara said...

So freaking funny!
The answer to most questions is... yes dear except "Do I look fat in this?" the preferred answer is "You are so hot!"

Rachel said...

Rebecca- Good one. Sometimes a frozen pizza can really help a sister out!

April-I have to have mindless TV. (and celeb gossip!)

BB-I'm crying right now, for no reason!

Jamie-Yeah, I think hubs may start his own list. haha!

EB - Yes, veggies are a must. My favorite question is "where are the veggies on that plate?"

CB - You are totally right, dear. And your @ss looks tiny, btw.

Gregory said...

Nicole definitely lives #3, I will never understand bad reality TV.