Sunday, July 6, 2008

Banana Pancakes!

While catching up on my Google Reader subscriptions this morning, I found a post by Nicole at Baking Bites about banana pancakes. She says that if you have one overly ripe banana, that's the perfect amount for this recipe. Funny, I had exactly one banana to use. So, I whipped up some banana pancakes per her instructions though mine were larger than hers, yet smaller than regular size. Hubs and I really enjoyed them and this recipe is going in the rotation! I think I might have to add some Nutella next time and see what happens. :D

Thanks, Nicole!


SpillingBuckets said...

Hi, just found your blog and after reading your profile we have a lot in common.


Those look great! Next time I have a banana I'm going to try them.

Anonymous said...

Try the banana pancakes with chopped toasted pecans and make banana syrup using another mashed banana mixed with a some white sugar & water - YUM!!