Monday, August 11, 2008

My addiction to kitchen gadgets is getting ridic.

I really want this.
Do I have room for it? Nope.
Will I use it often? Probably not.
Do I still want it? Yes!
It would go so great with this week's TWD recipe. Delish!
I suppose I should just buy some store bought waffle cones and let it be.


CB said...

Where can I join the gadgets anonymous with you? Its getting bad. Really bad.

zebe912 said...

I hear you on the kitchen gadgets. I still want an ice cream maker, dehydrator, & juicer (all of which I would actually use). I don't have a waffle cone maker per se, but I did buy a pizelle iron right before the wedding since it was on close-out. I was going to register for an over the stove model, but then just couldn't pass up getting a Cuisnart electric one for $15. It makes tiny waffle cones or canolli shells...yummy. You're making me hungry!