Friday, August 29, 2008

What would you choose?

I am invited to a special breakfast at work for service awards. I am getting my 5 year. I get to choose one of the following- Engraved glass mug, acrylic paper weight, letter opener, gold plated business card case,pen with walnut case, or logo key chain.

I'm leaning towards the mug. I wonder if I can have it engraved with "best employee ever"
What would you choose?


The Food Librarian said...

Is the mug a big chugger one? Yes, custom engraving is key. "I wish it was Friday", "No one knows I drink at work" or "10,400 hours of work and all I get is a mug."

Rebecca said...

Oh, the letter opener. It's ostentatious, AND it can be used as a weapon.

Alanna said...

I would go with the business card case because mine constantly get mushed in my purse. But if you don't carry around cards much, I'd go for the mug. I'm all for the drinking engravement. ;)

CB said...

Letter opener! But I LMAO @ food librarian's mug engraving suggestions! haha.

zebe912 said...

I'd request they forget the gift and either put the money on my check or donate it to charity. I don't use half of the "thank you" gifts I've gotten over the years. I do enjoy the mug comments though.