Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tools for success

I've been inspired by some of my cooking blog friends to list my favorite kitchen toys. So, here they are, my top five.

Number 5:
Coming in 5th place on the great five kitchen toys is my electric fondue pot. I know it's a 70's novelty but, I just love it. I've made cheese fondue and I hope to host a fondue party soon. Several friends of ours are newlyweds and have fondue pots now. So, I figure someone will bring the chocolate fondue, someone does the cheese, and someone makes the broth. Viola! Instant fondue party -- just no key bowl, if you know what I mean...

Number 4:
My 4th favorite thing in my kitchen is my rice cooker/steamer. The hubs and I make brown rice at least once a week, sometimes more. I love how the rice turns out perfect every time. Also, I use the cooker to steam veggies and they always turn out perfectly steamed, never mushy. It may be boring, but Mr. Rice Cooker - you're a dream to me!

Number 3:
Well, my number 3 would be number 1 if I were able to use it more. I can't believe how much I adore my cupcake carrier. It's from Crate and Barrel and holds 24 tasty cupcakes. It cradles each one without smooshing or crushing the yummy sweet goodness. I also like how one layer is removable, in case I want to transport 12 tall cupcakes. Versatile and cute! Perfect!

Number 2:
The number 2 item on my list is really a set. It's the amazing set of Henckels knives that Brian and I got for wedding gifts. OMG, I really cannot explain how using a good quality knife can change your entire cooking life. Before the wedding, I'd spend hours chopping up veggies. My bread would be mangled the second I tried to saw it in half. Ug. But, thanks to Mr. Henckels, I'm a mangler no more and I spend mere minutes chopping and dicing. You rock my world, Hencks, baby!

Number 1:

My absolute favoritest, favorite kitchen toy is my beautiful tangerine Kitchen Aid Mixer. Seriously, I have dreams about it sometimes. I love the color, I love the sleek lines, I love the sounds it makes and whips my meringue...


OK, so you can see I love my mixer and that's the top dog in my kitchen. I also love all the attachments available for it. We have put our ice cream maker attachment to use several times.

Thanks for reading my top five kitchen items. I'm curious, what's the one kitchen thing that you just can't live without?


ihearttodd said...

Definitely my KA mixer. Ever since getting it I can't help smiling when I walk into my kitchen. God I am such a dork! hahaha :)

Rachel said...

Agreed! The mixer isn't just a tool, it's an accessory!