Monday, January 28, 2008

100 things about me!

I am stealing this idea from my friend CB. I will begin with 50 things about me. Once I have time to think of 50 more, I'll post 50-100. Have fun!

  1. My name is Rachel.
  2. My car has a dent in the front fender (on both sides).
  3. Neither dent was my fault.
  4. I love cheese.
  5. I like beer.
  6. I wear a small lift in my right shoe.
  7. I am the oldest of 7 kids.
  8. It's a blended family.
  9. I'll finish my college degree in March.
  10. I'm freaking stoked about it.
  11. I love to tell jokes.
  12. Even ones that aren't that funny.
  13. I have an accent that sneaks out sometimes.
  14. I grew up in the 'burbs near Dallas/Ft. Worth.
  15. I have a tattoo.
  16. No, you can't see it.
  17. I drink at least two cups of hot tea everyday.
  18. I prefer black/green tea mixes or a breakfast blend.
  19. I collect tea-for-ones.
  20. I am in love with vintage and antique dishes and cookware.
  21. I love baking.
  22. I am not a fan of chocolate.
  23. I love fruity flavors.
  24. I love vanilla.
  25. I like to eat fish.
  26. But, I don't eat any shellfish.
  27. I am sentimental.
  28. I cry at sappy commercials.
  29. I love my in-laws.
  30. I want all my siblings to move to CA.
  31. I've never been to New York.
  32. But, I want to go.
  33. I sleep with my hair in a ponytail.
  34. I hate to wear socks.
  35. Especially at night.
  36. I love the beach.
  37. I don't like getting in the ocean.
  38. I'm scared of dogs I don't know.
  39. I want a dog.
  40. I can't have one because of our rental agreement.
  41. I admit to liking country music.
  42. But, not all of it.
  43. My first concert was Amy Grant
  44. My second concert was Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation.
  45. I had a "Big Sister" through Big Brothers and Sisters growing up.
  46. We are still close friends.
  47. It's been 22 years since we met.
  48. I like sock monkeys.
  49. I like to knit.
  50. I'm not very good at it though.

51-100 to follow...someday.


CB said...

Best 100 ever. Its like a little story... haha. You have a tattoo? where? what? Tell me!!

Rachel said...

Thanks CB! Unfortunately, that's the only tattoo info you'll get. Sorry!

BBKiddo said...

I'm scared of dogs I don't know too!

Natalie said...

We need to go cheese tasting. I heart a good cheese. Wait, is there cheese at this wine GTG? Suddenly it hit the naive person in me that wine and cheese go together don't they? Please say yes? Like I need the calories, but oh well. I'll do push-ups.

Alanna said...

I love cheese. I love buying a new kind every time I go to the store. I love that you love vanilla but not chocolate. Everyone always thought I was so weird for that - glad I'm not alone!

Rachel said...

NATALIE - I am soo down for cheese tasting. I've done that in Somona before. Yum! Maybe, I'll bring a little bread & cheese basket to the Wine GTG. That would be fun!

Rachel said...

BB - Dogs=scary. I'm glad I'm not alone on that one.

Rachel said...

ALANNA - See above cheese comment. Are you down? Yay for vanilla lovers! ::high five::

CB said...

I am gonna try this Racheypoo style. Its a fast paced easy flowing story that just rolls off the tongue... errr... keyboard!

1. I have black hair
2. I haven't brush it in 3 days
3. I wash it with pantene
4. I put it into a bun-tail of massive tangles
5. I should really cut my hair
6. I've been growing it out since before my wedding
7. That was 6 months ago
8. Happy 6-month-aversary to me and DH! w00t w00t!
9. Too bad he didn't remember
10. He said "month-aversaries" don't count
11. He slept on the couch that night
12. He better not forget our 1 year
13. Hopefully next year we can buy a house
14. I am sick of living in white walled apts
15. I want to paint
16. I need a bigger kitchen
17. Preferably one where I can open my frig and dishwasher at the same time
18. I hate moving
19. I loathe packing
20. But I don't mind unpacking
21. I think I will hire movers next time
22. Since I hate moving
23. But you already knew that
24. The
25. End

How'd I do RP? ;)

Rachel said...

1. Not bad
2. You only did 25
3. Two were 'cheats'
4. You are a nerd
5. I'm going to bed.
6. We'll chat tomorrow.
7. I won't chat at work.
8. I'm being repressed.
9. Shoot! Now, I'm giving away more things that I could use for 51-100.
10. Good night, madam.
11. I say, good night!