Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Foodie oopsie.

When I posted a couple weeks ago about the foodie gifts I got for Christmas, I inadvertantly left out two wonderful gifts from two wonderful friends. I received both of these gifts well before the holidays so by the time I got around to posting my Christmas gift blog, I'd already been using or had eaten my gift up!

I don't have a picture since I ate them but fellow foodie and knottie, Dawn, sent me the yummiest pears I've ever tasted. The hubs only got to eat one because I chomped and slurped all the rest of them down in just a few days. Thankfully, I didn't get a tummy ache! Thank you so much Dawn for the awesome pears. We really did enjoy them. :)

The other gift I didn't mention, which I used everysinglefreakingday is my awesome salt and pepper mill shakers. They are the tiniest/cutest grinders ever!

Thanks to one of my BFFs, AZ for these awesome shakers. I should also give a shout out to the Poached Pear, the totally adorable store that they came from (which has no website?!). ::must resist spending all dollars at PP::

Thanks girls! Much love!


Alanna said...

I heart those shakers.
::shake shake shake::

Rachel said...

Shake it sister! LOL!

Natalie said...

Those shakers look like little emeralds. And I love that they are grinders too -- classy.

Rachel said...

Thanks NATALIE - I figure classy grinders compensates for the fact that I lick my fingers! :)

zebe912 said...

Ha, I never thought you would actually post about the pears. I was teasing! I'm glad you liked them though. The shakers are really pretty too. I like that they are decorative rather than just functional.