Friday, February 1, 2008

Rise and Shine Campers...

...don't forget your booties cause it's cold out there!

It's GROUND HOG DAY! It is also my brother's birthday (hi T!) and my good friend J's birthday. Since my bro is 1500 miles away and J is only 15, I decided to make her some groundhog cupcakes.

I made mix cupcakes (gasp!) and used premade vanilla frosting (double gasp!). The hubs and I took turns frosting the cakes and sprinkling them with the oreo cookie crumbles. We both made the faces on the Snickers and then I placed them in the cakes. We used ziplocs of icing to make the final touches, adding ears, fixing eyes (where we could), etc. The result:

I am very proud of our fantastic Groundhog Cupcakes. I'm so happy we made them together! Here they are, ready to go in their cupcake carrier.

I give us an A++ and I think my friend J will love them! :)


CB said... I am so proud! I love them!! You wanna open up a bakery with me and Nikki? ;)

zebe912 said...

Those are awesome. Such a cute idea! I have no problem with your use of cake mix, but pre-made frosting, is just disgusting! I'm all about snickers on my cake though.

Natalie said...

Seriously, those are adorable! On so many levels.

Rachel said...

CB - I'm in! I worked in my aunt and uncle's bakery as a kid. Thankfully, we had actual tips to use for decorating and not just ziplocs!

ZEBE - Thanks, though I disagree with you on the store frosting. Some of it is pretty good, especially if you whip it up for a few minute in the mixer.

NATALIE - Thanks girl!

Nikki57 said...

Omg so cute

BBKiddo said...

LOL I love it!

Alanna said...

Those are AWESOME!!!! They look delicious AND they are cute!!! Nice work. :)

BTW, does anyone know if he saw his shadow or not?