Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend wrap up.

This weekend was over in a blink and I didn't cook or bake anything homemade. The only thing I made was some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls this morning and that doesn't count as homemade. Thankfully, the hubs has pretty simple taste and is handy in the kitchen so we didn't starve this weekend!

Highlights of the weekend include:
LEGOLAND for work event
Writing a paper
Taking an exam
Watching The Darjeeling Limited
Starring at my knitting project rather than working on it
Hanging with hubs*

So, there was really little or no time for cooking and baking. Sadly, I think I may have to skip TWD this week because I have a big work event tomorrow and seriously doubt I'm going to have the energy to snickery up some squares when I get home. Is it wrong that I'm not a Snickers fan? Twix, yes. Snickers, not so much.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. I'm still hoping to get my cupcake done for the Fierce Cupcake Contest. I'll keep you posted!

*This item was the best.

EDIT-- I have no idea what the chick in this picture is all about. CB told me to have more pics my blog so I Googled "busy" and this is what I got. I do like how she's wearing a one shoulder top. A friend of mine calls these "Galactica" tops. I think that's hilarous!


CB said...

Love the weekend wrap up! Its like I spent the weekend with you but I didn't have to drive! haha! I hope you have time to enter your fierce cupcake. Looking forward to seeing your fierce idea!

Alanna said...

I like the picture. She reminds me of me. (Sans Galactica top, of course.)