Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tart pics!

Rather than post the pics to the actual tart post which funks up the spacing and all that jazz, requiring tons of annoying-ness (thanks Blogspot!) I've decided to post my TWD tart recipe pics in a new post.

The first piece of lemon! A creamy dream.

The fluted shell (the bottom does not come out).

The lemon zest and sugar. It smelled so summery!

Blood oranges. Mine were practically grapefruit. Not the orangey taste I thought it would be.

Pressing the oranges to get juice. Notice how dark it is!

Whisking, whisking, whisking, whisking, whisking, and more whisking. I'm using a metal bowl next time.

Blood orange tart=pink? It was too sweet and just not orangey. Hubs coworkers liked it but they didn't have the lemon to compare.

The finished lemon tart. The edges aren't fluted as I used a springform pan.

OMG! The lemon was so good.


CB said...

too sweet? thats interesting. I wouldn't have thought it would be more sweet. Wasn't that lemon fabulous? I wanted to inhale all of it. Yum...

Engineer Baker said...

Pink cream? I can see how it could be too sweet, but I could have done with the lemon being a bit less tart. Either way, they both look fabulous!