Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting so excited for Europe!

So, hubs and I are gearing up for our trip to Europe. After reading Dorie's latest blog entry, I emailed hubs and said that we must go to La Palette while in Paris. I really want to see the place that inspired Dorie to write the recipe from yesterday's twd entry (and I want to eat some yumminess there, too). How cool would that be?

In addition to Paris, we are also going to London and driving from County Cork to Dublin in Ireland. I've never been to Europe. So tell me, what are some must eats while we are there?


Natalie said...

how exciting!!

The hubs is a experienced euro-traveler. He says his favorite thing to do is to sit down in a restaurant and let them bring you whatever they want.

He'd also tell you to go to a pub and eat fish and chips.

But I did that in Brazil -- and I ended up with disgusting food!

Natalie said...
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Maya said...

I am jealous! Europe will be awesome, have a wonderful time. I was in Paris ans London 5 years ago and LOVED it!

CB said...

I've never been to Europe. boo. You'll have to come back with a full script of everything you saw, did, ate etc...

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you going to Europe! By excited I mean extremely jealous. :) Bring back tons of pictures and drink tons of wine for me!

vibi said...

In Paris, not to missed are: Jambon-beurre sandwiches on baguette (plain yes, but you'll never have it as good as the ones you can buy from off-the-street bakeries), crèmes brûlées, crème caramel, flan pâtissier, macarons from La Durée pastry shop, mendiants caramel candies... I could go on and on not only about sweets!
Take a walk around Notre-dame Cathedral for chocolate crêpes, and behind the Cathedral to Berthillon homemade ice creams and sherbets, on Saint-Louis Island in the heart of Paris, 4th arrondissement!!!
If you can manage to cook over there (or at least buy some food in supermarkets, for pic-nics), you'll see that butter, cream, cheeses, meats (especially dried ham - jambon sec) and many more other products are not even comparable to what you can find in America.
Oh yes, and get a can of anchovy stuffed green olives and big one liter glass bottles of pure cherry, raspberry, apricot or strawberry juices, all to die for!
Wines are incredibly cheap (not in restaurants, OH GOD NO! buy them in supermarkets the selection is still amazing).
If you want to dine in style (we're talking luxury, here!) without going completely broke (cause you'll quickly realise how food is expensive in Europe) try La fermette Marboeuf, in the golden triangle off the Champs Élysées - - the least expensive out of the most expensive!!! LOL
For simple yet great meals in everyday restaurants, always opt for the daily menu, still expensive compared to American prices, yet much tastier; a simple Croque-monsieur (or Croque-Madame: with an egg on top) will surely send you sky rocketing! LOL
Have a nice trip, enjoy and try to keep all those amazing tastes in your memory box, for hell will freeze over before we get such great foods in our supermarkets!
P.s.: Be aware that in Paris, on top of being expensive, restaurants charge the 18% tip directly ON THE BILL, so you don't have the choice but to pay it, don't be fooled into leaving more on the table.

vibi said...

Oops! I forgot, if you need to know anything else about Paris: tips, addresses, places to see and add to your itinerary, drop me an e-mail, I'll be glad to be of help!

JillFantastic said...

Oh so excited for you. I can't wait for the stories!

The only thing I distinctly remember about food in London is that the ketchup is very sugary and if you order a soft drink, it doesn't come with ice, so it's warm. WTF?!