Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I need this...

Isn't it adorable?!?!

I just want to bake a giant cupcake bottom and fill the top with (home made) ice cream like this:

The flavor combinations are endless.
chocolate cake - choc chip ice cream
vanilla cake - strawberry ice cream
lemon cake - vanilla ice cream
peanut butter cake - chocolate ice cream
caramel cake - butter pecan ice cream

I could make it this way for small children:

Item (and pictures) from William Sonoma.

::resisting urge to reach for credit card::


CB said...

Oh you are totally on the cupcake bandwagon with me now! LOVE.IT! I think you need to buy this. Yes, yes I do. ;)

Lisa T. said...

This is trés cute. I think that Wilton makes a similar one - saw it in Michaels. It would definately make adorable kids' cakes.

Rachel said...

Yes! It is at Michaels and with a Sunday coupon, it is totally do able!

zebe912 said...

I feel bad bursting your bubble, but a friend of mine got the big wilton one and she said it was a total mess. The top ends up too heavy for the bottom to support. The only way I can think to fix that is to put a cake board and cake jacks between top & bottom when decorating. Leave it to Wilton to screw up something so cute. Hopefully the W&S people figured out how to engineer it better!

Eleganza Strings/ The DeLadurantey Family said...

Those are co cute!

Unknown said...

I just got back from WS (with a few goodies...) and sooo wanted to buy this. But I resisted. Until next time :)

Unknown said...

Buy it! So cute! :-)