Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TWD: Floating Islands

OK, I've been singing "Islands in the Stream" since I saw that this was the recipe for this week. (Man, I love Dolly!) Shari from Whisk: A Food Blog selected this week so I blame her that my coworkers are totally annoyed with me. Maybe they would have been less annoyed if I had made a treat for them this week. Unfortunately, I did not. The whole dessert seemed like a textural challenge for me. So, I'm passing.

If you want to see how Floating Islands are done, hop on over the Shari's site. She has the BEST photography.

Then, make sure and check out the TWD blogroll and show the other kitchen wizards some love.

Also, I have a totally 3rd grade joke that could go with this post. It's bad. But, if you want to hear it leave a comment and maybe I'll post it.


Teanna said...

Hahahah Are you still singing it? I can't stop singing "I am a rock, I am an iiiiiisland" by Simon and Garfunkle!

Gabe's Girl said...

I think I remember that joke? Is a bathtub involved?

AmyRuth said...

Ah you could totally do this. The crema anglaise is so delicious and the texture is silkly. Now the islands.....just think marshmallow. Your good. Or.... you could take the creme brulee route. Especially if you put carmelized sugar on top with the crunch. Either one would work if you can accept the challenge. he he

n.o.e said...

This one was hard to envision, a bit tricky to prepare, but it was tasty in the end. I totally understand where you're coming from, though.