Sunday, February 17, 2008

New words, pain, and beef!

My new favorite word that I stole from someone else is "frillion" as in a I have a frillion things to tell you guys. (Thanks Natalie for my new favorite word.)

First, I had company from last Friday through Wednesday which was super fun. The hubs parents are really sweet and we always have fun with them.

Then, Wednesday night, I went to lift something thinking it was maybe 10 pounds when it was about a frillion. My back was not pleased and I've spent the last few days either at work crying or laying flat on my back.

I have to write in short spurts because sitting at this desk is not fun. I sooo need a lap top!

Anyway, off to finish cooking dinner (No Peek). I'll back soon with updates and lots of pics!


Natalie said...

Yay for frillion!! I love it. I stole it from a roommate in college and use it all the time!

Morven said...

Just found your blog via Tuesdays with Dorie. Love your work! Hope your back gets better.

I'm a big fan of frillion too. Check out this reference in a Dilbert strip....

Alanna said...

Aw, my poor Rachey Poo!!! I missed you SO much this weekend. I hope your back feels a frillion times better SOON!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks everyone!

MORVEN - I love Dilbert. Thanks for linking. :)